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2009. 8. 4. 01:13 Social Network Services

Google Blogs Alert for: online social network

Twitter Power System Review | Tools and Training Resources ...
By Larry Brauner
As a top Twitter business user, I was sent an advance copy of the Twitter Power System to review. Here are my observations.
Online Social Networking - http://online-social-networking.com/
Best Social Media Site for Realtors: Join the Revolution with ...
By agencylogic
Now that the 2009 Swanepoel TRENDS Report has hit newsstands, and social media and online networking again claims one of the top 3 slots for the second year in a row, many agents are moving in increasing numbers into social networking. ...
One Property One Website One Solution - http://powersiteblog.com/
Twittering In An Educational Setting
By Elizabeth Hannan
At the high school and college level where online social networks are most prolific are we doing an injustice by attempting to cut this action out of the class room experience for the sake or personal pride? ...
Social Media Today - http://socialmediatoday.com/SMC/
Shopping 2.0: Current E-commerce Trends (Redux) - ReadWriteWeb
By Richard MacManus
Clearly consumer reviews in aggregate represent very valuable data for big online retailers especially - e.g. Amazon has virtually built its entire business off the back of crowdsourced user reviews and recommendations. ... Kurt said that the socialization of e-commerce can come in different forms - e.g. embedding a store in a user's social network profile. That won't replace "end destination e-commerce", but Kurt said it will "augment sales tremendously" at the edge of ...
ReadWriteWeb - http://www.readwriteweb.com/
Practice Speaking German for Free: Online Tools Make it Easy to ...
If your German is good enough, you also can sign up for one of the German social networking services and find an online pal. Some of the big ones are StudiVZ.net or MeinVZ.de, which even has an English language version, making it easier ...
Suite101: Education & Career Articles - http://www.suite101.com/educationandcareer/
Nielsen Online has today announced that it has expanded its Market Intelligence demographic survey to include a range of questions on consumer-generated activity such as social networking, blogging, uploading content and posting reviews ...
Scoop NZ - Business - http://www.scoop.co.nz/
Why it's time for guidelines on 'privacy and the media' - On Line ...
By editor@onlineopinion.com.au (Roger Clarke)
The question arises as to whether posters on social networking sites are subject to much in the way of legal constraints. If not, should they be? If so, is the law clear, measured and effective? And, if it isn't, what should be done ...
On Line Opinion - Latest Articles - http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/
Make: Online : Crowdsourcing + Wearable = SOS
By Peter Horvath
A new type of haptic social networking (or social therapy), SOS allows stressed individuals to send anonymous signals via the wearable to a global social network. In response, individuals within the network calm the stressed victim by ...
MAKE Magazine - http://blog.makezine.com/
Library clips :: Sensemaking, PKM and networks :: May :: 2009
By John Tropea
This online participation model is not enterprise 2.0, it's social computing, but it may one day be the catalyst for enterprise 2.0. We can never have complete KM, instead we have PKM nodes that are connected in a network. ...
Library clips Comments - http://libraryclips.blogsome.com/
Career Rocketeer | The Career Search and Personal Branding Blog ...
By Career Rocketeer
Resumes as we know them have experienced dramatic changes since the dawn of the internet and more specifically, the rise of social networking. With the majority of our general communications and job application processes taking place online , the paper resume, ... However, if you are seeking an even more professional and effective way to present yourself as either an active or a passive job candidate and launch your personal brand online, you must try VisualCV. ...
Career Rocketeer | The Career... - http://www.careerrocketeer.com/
Sunday Social Networking Tip #6
By Todd Jordan
So you take up your blog, get a social networking account or three and you start in. At first, even with this deep passion, you fumble out your words. You don't 'get it' at first. New friends come hard right along side the word struggles. ... A hundred folks follow you online, and a few dozen catch your blog every day. Things are better than you'd have thought even a week before. It's a slice of heaven. BAM. They start on you. Oh, trust me, if they haven't yet, ...
SMS - http://socialmediatoday.com/school/
How Internet Content Distribution & Discovery Are Changing
By Om Malik
As publishing tools get better, we share more content online. As we publish more content, more services emerge to help us find and consume that content. In the early days of the commercial web, it was magazine-like entities such as Hot Wired. ... A few years later, the guys at 30 Boxes showed off a time line that essentially aggregated the life of my entire “social network.” As they say, the future always takes a little longer to arrive. In 2009, it has. ...
Comments for GigaOM - http://gigaom.com/
More on online learning in the workplace « Learning Journal
By Catherine Lombardozzi
You can aggregate and enable a set of materials and activities through any of a wide variety of tools – a learning management system, web page, wiki, social networking site (e.g. Ning) – or through links embedded in more mundane ...
Learning Journal - http://learningjournal.wordpress.com/
Following You on Twitter Through the Mail
By bernie@findandconvert.com (Bernie Borges)
A podcast interview with Steve Tingiris, CEO of Enthusem, a web based personalized postal mail system which let's you take online contacts offline. ... He was very intrigued by Enthusem's integration of social networking and postal mail. The following week, Chris called the Enthusem office to learn more about it in response to an Enthusem card sent to him. Apparently, other Twitter followers had sent those “following you on Twitter” cards to Chris. ...
Inbound Marketing Strategies,... - http://www.findandconvert.com/blog/
University World News - GLOBAL: Students benefit from online chat ...
By providing a virtual forum for new students to get connected with the university community, they will, hopefully, feel more comfortable on campus and also build a strong social support network. This might then assist with their ...
University World News - http://www.universityworldnews.com/

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Description: Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, takes questions from ...
Published: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 16:02:50 PDT
Publisher: www.youtube.com
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