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2009. 8. 8. 17:19 Social Network Services

Google Blogs Alert for: online social network

Monetisation of social networking boom 'eagerly anticipated'
By ScottB
“With the explosive growth of online social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter rapidly blurring the lines between professional and private lives, these virtual communities have increased the potential of reputational risk for many ...
Zero Strategy :: UK Marketing... - http://www.zerostrategy.com/
Connected » Blog Archive » Creating channel social business ...
By Heather Clancy
VARs and resellers have more than one vendor vying for their time online. Why is your social network the most relevant one for them? Is it because you help them market or sell the entire solution rather than a point product? ...
Connected - http://connected.swotmgtools.com/
All in One Social Network on AIR Failed my Test
By Charles
It's a all-in-one social network desktop application. I'm very impressed by the radical idea/concept (shared card) and the number of sites it searches to collect your online social life. However, even though Its first tag line is ...
Flex RIA United - http://www.flex888.com/
Social Network Users Reportedly Concerned About Privacy, but ...
By Sarah Perez
Recently, new data from security solutions company Webroot revealed some interesting insights into the thoughts and behaviors of users on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, ... ... We suppose they would still have to learn the hard way about the risks of over-sharing, but at the very least, a larger part of the online population would be able to protect themselves and their personal info. « Prior Post Next Post ». Posted in ...
ReadWriteWeb - http://www.readwriteweb.com/
Personal Branding Interview with Thomas Drugan | Brand-Yourself ...
What are the basic personal branding steps someone should take to manage their online identity? Assess what information is already out there about you by using search engines and checking social networks. ...
Brand-Yourself.com Blog - http://blog.brand-yourself.com/
Data-driven social interaction: The difference between analogue ...
By sladner
Now these data are easily calculated and visualized by anyone with access to a social network online. Some people are talking about this visualization as a piece of intellectual property. Alex Iskold on Mashable, for example, ...
Design Research - http://designresearch.wordpress.com/
By isleadmin
Manxgraduates.im is a free, online social network and is an Isle of Man Government Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) initiative to help connect local employers with Manx graduates and other skilled Manx individuals who are living ...
Isle News - http://isle-news.com/
Five things lawyers should know about social media « Practicing ...
By Nicole Black
All online interactions, whether they are with other lawyers, old friends, or people you've just met and with whom you share a similar interest have the potential to benefit your career. Social and professional networking necessarily ...
Practicing Law in the 21st Century-A... - http://21stcenturylaw.wordpress.com/
How Recommend To A Friend is Implemented?
By admin
If you have subscribed to an online social networking site such as Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and Hi5.com, you are most likely familiar with tell a friend.
Sandro Salsi's Blog - http://www.sandrosalsi.com/blog/
Joost Schreve, everytrail.com: "We are on a path to derive ...
By Go And Track
Finally, EveryTrail also serves as a great online customer acquisition channel: Two of our largest corporate customers were looking for a geo-social network solution like ours and found us by searching online. Since EveryTrail.com has ...
GPS tracking solutions and GPS... - http://goandtrack.com/
Nokia N97 tips: Social networking masterclass video | ElectricPig ...
By James Holland
... with more bells and whistles than a morris dance. The N97 is a perfect social networking phone. Without it on your side, you're missing out on the latest from friends across the web. See how the N97 can supercharge your social life in our video masterclass. ... Gravity's got that nailed too, grabbing photos straight from the five megapixel camera inside the N97 and flinging them online in seconds through a high-speed HSDPA connection. Best for Facebook on Nokia N97 ...
Electricpig.co.uk - The UK's... - http://www.electricpig.co.uk/
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
By Andrew Sullivan
I doubt this is something I need to point out to you, but I think it's worth reiterating as much as possible that the choice, for antisocial people, isn't between social networking online and social networking in-person. ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/
The Cutter Blog » Blog Archive » Text, Tweet or Talk? How Do You ...
By Anne Mullaney
Michele's way of communicating wasn't an option when I was an undergrad, but now, even though I spend a significant portion of my time communicating online for business as well as with my friends and family, the really meaningful ... As I was reflecting on how social networking sites have changed how I personally communicate with those around me, I realized something astonishing. I could not remember the last time I called one of my friends simply to ask them what they ...
The Cutter Blog | Debate Online - http://blog.cutter.com/
Social Browser Extension Yoono Adds OneRiot's Real-Time Search Engine
By Robin Wauters
Yoono is essentially a browser sidebar that aggregates and centralizes your online profiles, including from IM tools like Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and AIM but also a wide variety of social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, ...
TechCrunch - http://www.techcrunch.com/
Box Tops For Education: Who Knew?! | TakePart Social Action Network
By blair@takepart.com
The second is by visiting the online Marketplace, and shopping at one of its 70 participating stores. (Example: Send someone flowers through 1-800-Flowers.com and 8% of your purchase will be donated to your child's school.) ...
TakePart Social Action Network™ - http://www.takepart.com/blog/
Google isn't really a search engine after all | Graham Jones
By graham@grahamjones.co.uk (Graham Jones)
Attention - gaining it and maintaining it; How to prepare a blog plan; Going viral is a waste of effort; Social networking is in chaos; Affiliate marketing is draining your business; Shout loud online - you will win ...
Graham Jones - Blog - http://www.grahamjones.co.uk/
ICTlogy » Working Session on Open Social Learning (III). Dolors ...
By Ismael Peña-López
Creativity: We should be focusing in what motivates people (à la Maslow): that's why social networking sites are so successful. Autonomous learning: what really drives knowledge is the process, not the output. Universal, free and democratic learning (Soumitra ... Indeed, as we increasingly happen to know more and more uses of the Internet, people shift from “bad” practices (online gambling, porn, etc.) towards “good” practices (learning, communicating with peers, etc.). ...
ICTlogy - http://ictlogy.net/

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