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2008. 12. 26. 14:21 Social Network Services

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Consolidating my Social Networking-Part 3 | Gather
Here's the third (and hopefully the last) installment of my cross-networking series of posts. Today's chapter features social sites, my stores, bookmark sites, and my online groups. Social Sites: ...
Gather: Articles by Writer's Life - http://thelife.gather.com/
My Christmas Gift For You… « Smuvrd.com Social Media Marketing
http://zoho.com/ offers so much it’s hard to know where to start - but in a nutshell it’s a full service provider of tools that any online business (or a business starting out, or even an offline business that uses ...
Smuvrd.com Social Media Marketing - http://smuvrd.wordpress.com/
Sell Civilization Short: A good post with good links
By SellCivilizationShort
"People used to the quick pace of online social networking may soon find the real world boring and unstimulating, potentially leading to more extreme behaviour to get that sense." He said teenagers who socialise online put less value on ...
Sell Civilization Short - http://sell-civilization-short.blogspot.com/
[Video] Wall St. Network's 3-Minute Press Show Features Executive ...
The Web site offers up-to-the-minute business news, collaborative social networking applications, comprehensive financial tools and original multimedia content for the global investment community. In addition to WSN, WallStreet Direct owns and operates Wall St. Radio (http://radio.wallst.net), an online hub for business podcasts from well-known business news personalities and publishers, and Wall St. TV (http://tv.wallst.net), a hub for business and ...
eMediaWorld.com General News - http://www.emediaworld.com/press_release/rss/rss_172.xml
My 2008 Prediction Analysis
Microsoft missed the boat again in 2008 and they didnt move their applications online, and vice versa Google didnt move theirs offline. Maybe these companies are just going to do what they are best at, Google online and Microsoft offline. Fail. There were a lot of launches and funding obtained by ad networks, but not many marketplaces launched in 2008. Fail. This was always going to be very difficult, but do you class Twitter as a social network? haha. No real new social ...
Crenk - http://crenk.com/
The Buzz 101: Web Presence Is A Part Of Your First Impression
By Maria Elena Duron | chief buzz agent
You don't have to be a webmaster to create a great first impression online but you do have to know what questions to ask and what to look for from a great webmaster. .... Buzz2Bucks, broadens the network of busy, family focused, values based people through effective social marketing strategies. "Because great buzz doesn't have to cost great bucks" and more importantly the recognition and connections necessary to realize your own definition of success while ...
The Buzz 101 - http://thebuzz101.blogspot.com/
Web Monkey is an online social community and info resource for people doing web development type of stuff. @ 8:03 AM. Subjects and Ideas Web Monkey. 0 Reactions:. Post a Comment · Newer Post Older Post Home ...
INTERNET BUSINESS REVENUE PRO - http://www.ibrpro.com/
By sexychiicq
Since I am a loner and I really don't have friends in the neighborhood, I try to expand my social network through the internet. I am one of those people who are fond of knowing others online. Good thing there are site ...
HONIE's ONLINE CRIB - http://www.myshopwise.net/
SGN Launching Live Versions Of iPhone Apps. Challenge Others To ...
Social Gaming Network is launching new versions of its Wii-like iPhone sports games that let users play against others who've installed the apps. ... ... Going online and playing against others on Xbox Live is what keeps people playing the same titles for months or years. I think many iPhone apps, especially games, will follow a similar path. SGN seems to be taking the lead in innovating in this space. CrunchBase Information · Social Gaming Network ...
TechCrunch - http://www.techcrunch.com/
On the 12th day of Christmas a cyber criminal gave to me…a ...
Day 11: Online computer game account £1 only. Day 12: Facebook profile just 89p, 10p more than a single on iTunes! “We still give away a huge amount of personal information on social networking sites like Facebook and ...
IT Security News from Global... - http://www.gsec.ie/news/
Splitweet: For those with multiple Twitter accounts... (Startup ...
PeopleBrowsr: Manage Your Online Identities Dec 03 08 ... Mobile Social Network Loopt now available on AT&T phones ... Social networkers needs to get social ... Panasonic jumps into the social network ...
TechNews AM - http://technews.am/
MuggleNet | The ULTIMATE Harry Potter Fansite - Deathly Hallows ...
MuggleNet now has a social network for HP fans! We are SO proud to announce our newest, greatest, and latest time-wasting project is now complete: MuggleSpace! Create your profile, meet new people, and discuss your love for the books with other crazy Potter people! We've all had at least one moment where we declined to add more HP stuff (gasp) to our Myspace or Facebook profile for fear of scaring our non-HP friends. ... 912 muggles currently online ...
MuggleNet.com - http://mugglenet.com/
Xing AG Acquires Socialmedian Inc For $7.5M | VCCircle
Germany-based XING AG, a European professional networking site has acquired the New York based Socialmedian Inc., a social news aggregator, developed entirely in India by Pune based True Sparrow Solutions for $7.5 million The Pune based ... Socialmedian gathers information from about 19000 sources, including social services such as Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Google Reader, FriendFeed, the international blogosphere, and industry and online media ...
VCCircle Feeds - http://www.vccircle.com/feed
Email Lead Marketing
Social networking sites can additionally be really in effect in generating brand new selling leads. Create the minute form upon your imagination upon the sites. Mailing list providers as good as online list vendors have ...
Software and eBooks Downloads - http://trialsoftwaredownloads.com/
Vampire Chat City Online
By Umma
Create a free membership with the Vampire Chat online. Where you can find a video chat facility for the people to speak with one another. One need not download any software for using video chat. The energy feedback that ...
Happy Moments..Happy Thoughts! - http://ummascorner.blogspot.com/
LFW Blog » Protecting Yourself from Illegitimate Wholesale Suppliers
Social Network with me or follow me ... While many fantastic wholesale sources can be found online, there are also a huge number of sites developed specifically to scam sellers looking for a good deal. ...
LFW Blog - http://linksforwahms.com/wordpress/
Life@160 » Ping.fm - Stop duplicating your status updates and messages
Update your status and send messages for up to 30 social networks from a centralized location. You can use Ping’s online interface or, gasp, do everything on your mobile. It’s like Friendfeed, except the exact opposite. ...
Life@160 - https://qpons.nearu.us/blog/
Make Money Online Tips and Tricks: Learn to Gamble
By kakashi
Nowadays, everything is moving to online already because a lot of modern and sophisticated technologies are invented non-stop. Even casino also become an online entertainment. By the way, I found an interesting online ...
Make Money Online Tips and Tricks - http://net-worm-cheese.blogspot.com/
The identity thief presented himself to the Social Security Administration here in Omaha on June 16, 2006, and requested a replacement social security card in the name of a deceased person from the State of Iowa. .... VICTIM REFUSED DRIVER’ S LICENSE BECAUSE IDENTITY THIEF USED VICTIMS NAME IN DRUNK DRIVING CONVICTION · ALLEGED THAT WAITER RECORDED NAMES AND CREDIT CARD NUMBERS OF CUSTOMERS, THEN MADE ONLINE PURCHASES · MAN SENTENCED FOR IDENTITY THEFT ...
Identity Theft Protection Lock - http://www.identitytheftprotectionlock.com/
The Rat Race Rebel
By Shelly Begarowicz
Network Marketing News. Internet Marketing and Social Media: Do's and Don'ts · Internet Business Training Webinar Postponed · Internet Business Training Program: "Cookie Cutter" Training Is Dead! ...
The Rat Race Rebel - http://shellybegarowicz.blogspot.com/
socialmedian: A Netbook With Android: Far-Fetched or Coming Soon?
By socialmedian
Hi there. I'm Jason, one of the founders of socialmedian. socialmedian delivers the news, filtered by your network. We'd love to have you join in. To get started, please create an account. Create your socialmedian account ... A device meant for online activities only doesn't need all this. The Android OS is much slimmer than other OSses and as such might be a step in the right direction. We witness evolution in the making. An Android netbook might be one step into the ...
My socialmedian Networks - http://www.socialmedian.com/billoleary

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Description: HighEdWeb 2008 Conference keynote by Kyle Ford, director of product marketing at Ning, Inc., and previously the associate product manager at Yahoo ...
Published: Fri, 05 Dec 2008 06:17:43 PST
Publisher: www.youtube.com
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