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2009. 5. 5. 05:32 Social Network Services

Google Blogs Alert for: online social network

scottmerrick.net: The Pros and Cons of Social Networking
By Scott
In this lengthy and extremely well-written article, the authors systematically make their case that online social networking is bad for children (Monroe, btw, is Co-Director of ChildrenOnline.org. ...
scottmerrick.net - http://scottmerrick.blogspot.com/
Oceans Waves Beaches: More adults than teens on social networks
By Jim Moriarty
Ok, so 'net useage/marketshare and social networks skew young... but the tonnage, the shear volume, is with adults. 75 percent of online adults 18 to 24 have a profile on a social networking site. 57 percent of online adults 25 to 34 ...
Oceans Waves Beaches - http://oceanswavesbeaches.blogspot.com/
Social Networking Tips | The Net and nothing but the Net
By JohnF
Social Networking Tips For the Serious Business Ownerby Cheryl D. BurnsSocial Networking and Social Network Marketing has opened up a door of substantial. ... It’s for people who love to chat with others and also share their ideas and business sense and products and the social sites online are a fantastic way to mingle and chat with people all over the world and form a group of friends that are likeminded. You want to get a following. ...
The Net and nothing but the Net - http://www.johnfaulkner.com.au/
Status as the Fulcrum of Social Networking - The Connected Web
By philw
Status is where it's at in social networking." By 'status', Wilson means the sort of information that first became commonplace with IM, when users would let their contacts know whether they were online and how available they were — busy ...
The Connected Web - http://www.ebizq.net/blogs/connectedweb/
How Online Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow ...
By Rich
Do you believe that online social media can help your business grow? Maybe you don’t, because the term social seems ... ... their loyalty through the use of social media. This is more than just advertising your company. To show some proof, here is a great post at Mashable by Samir Balwani who is also a social media marketer himself. This is about the Ten Big Brand Names that are enjoying the benefits of social media. Tags: Social Networking. No Comments » ...
Not Making Money Online - http://www.notmakingmoneyonline.com/
Social media (re)loaded: Risky business 15 realities & 15 rules ...
By noreply@blogger.com (Laurent François)
Conduct an initial landscape analysis of your professional and company reputations online: Take a 12+ month look back into online sources such as blogs, social networks, forums and chatrooms to benchmark and obtain a ...
Social media (re)loaded - http://liquidnotflat.blogspot.com/
Social media rush as Victorian bushfires rage
Using online social media to spread vital information and personal stories is becoming increasingly commonplace in times of crisis, but this may be the first time the social networking sites have been used extensively during an ...
homepageDAILY Screen - http://www.homepagedaily.com/blog.aspx/Screen
hobgadling: no clear winner for online collaboration tools
By possibility
They have discussion forums (not sure on e-mail integration), a calendar, photo gallery and more social-network-y stuff like personal blogs, sub-groups, and a recent activity stream. They seem to have evolved from their ...
"I am hope" - http://hobgadling.livejournal.com/
Reports from SoCon09 — TechDrawl
By Celia Dyer
An online social media connection led to a donation (announced at SoCon09 by KSU President Dan Papp) to help re-invent journalism. The Harnisch Foundation gave the university $1.5 million to establish The Center for Sustainable Journalism. ... So, I “session jumped” to Tessa Horehled’s breakout session, Social Networking for Social Change. Why do we connect on the web? What’s the end game? For me, social networking is my megaphone for venting observations and frustrations ...
TechDrawl - http://techdrawl.com/
Another social media monitoring tool; Mighty Brand | The Multitasker
By Corby
There are many options to monitor your brand online: Radian6, SentimentMetrics, Google Blog search. KillerStartups.com reviews another, Mighty Brand. ... All the main current channels are supported (Twitter, blogs, social networks as a whole), so that if you decide to give this solution a try you know you are getting the information from the horse’s mouth indeed. I can’t evaluate it as I have not yet used it, however if you do try it, let me know how it is ...
The Multitasker - http://www.themultitasker.com/
WSJ.com Launches India Edition; No Word on Print Edition Yet ...
Keeping in line with new owner Rupert Murdoch's focus on key Asian markets, WSJ.com, the online edition of The Wall Street Journal, launched its India edition this morning at India.wsj.com. India and China are the only two markets now with a dedicated section on the WSJ site. Readers accessing WSJ.com from India are automatically redirected to the India section, where you have an option to choose .... ShopIt Acquires Triana Global, Launches Ad Network For Social Networks ...
TechNews AM - http://technews.am/
.Tel: Web 2.0 service or just another online directory? | The ...
By Ivan Croxford
A discussion on how the new .Tel top-level domain relates to online directories and Web 2.0. ... Tel could interface back into the social graph by supporting one or more of these data portability initiatives and this does seem to be on the cards. Being able to keep a single set of profile information updated that would then feed into all my other online profiles and Web sites would be very handy indeed. This is the sort of service a business like the one I ...
The Fumoir - A blog by Ivan Croxford - http://www.fumoir.com/
MaineToday.com | News Update: FetchDog.com announces $4 million ...
By mcreamer@pressherald.com
PORTLAND -- FetchDog.com, an online shopping and social networking site, has closed a $4 million round of financing that will be used to develop new content and entertainment and philanthropic initiatives, ...
News Update - http://news.mainetoday.com/updates/
Reverse Lookups - Online Investigating
By June Lydon
The most popular are the social networking sites, like Facebook and MySpace. Search engines like Google is also a good place to begin the hunt. Simply type the number of your suspect and it may just be readily available ...
geeneeology.com - http://blog.geeneeology.com/
Presentation notes from the other day « Jack of all Trades
By rachelea
speeded up recently: first, the internet, then, thanks to that, news to your phone, Twitter, social networking sites, digital radio, online TV, stuff on demand on every medium, traditional journalists becoming video ...
Jack of all Trades - http://multimediaplatforms.wordpress.com/
The Chameleon Interactive Marketing Blog: Rethink MySpace?
By Sam Fiorella (Tri-Media)
iTunes only offers ‘preview clips’ and none of the social media tools. Add the celebrity factor of MySpace (musicians, actors and even Mr. President 2.0: Barak Obama) and this network has become interesting again. ...
The Chameleon Interactive Marketing Blog - http://chameleonmarketing.blogspot.com/
Bike Race Photo » Blog Archive » RT @jowyang Did we stop to thi…
Email is our first online social network, many of us have multiple accounts -they serve different purposes. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages ...
Bike Race Photo - http://bikeracephoto.com/
The Fires that stop the Nation
By Anabel
Social networking for business relationships, business network, get new business contacts. Home · Contact. Subscribe via Email. Get our RSS Feed here and click on the orange button. ZaaBiz Blog Home > Australia > The Fires that stop the ... Countless messages were posted on social platforms such as facebook or flickr. Video blogs and online sites of the big media companies brought us the tragedies of those directly involved to our screens, day and night. ...
ZaaBiz Blog» The Fires that... - http://blog.zaabiz.com.au/
Eddie Money - Fall In Love Again (Official Music Video)
By khairulazmi.com
... SEO · SEO Challenge · SEO Friendly · service pc · Shopping online · Social Network · SocialCommunity · stock trading · trading · video marketing · viral marketing · web design · web-hosting · webhosting · website · Wordpress ...
Make Money Blogging - http://www.onlinebisnes.com/blog/
Clarion SBDC Knowledgebase: Advertising & Promotion - Twitter
By Clarion SBDC
Twitter's core technology is a device agnostic message routing system with rudimentary social networking features. By accepting messages from sms, web, mobile web, instant message, or from third party API projects, Twitter makes ... No, in fact, Twitter solves information overload by changing expectations traditionally associated with online communication. At Twitter, we ask one question, "What are you doing?" The answers to this question are for the most ...
Clarion SBDC Knowledgebase - http://clarionsbdckb.blogspot.com/
John Prescott puts bank bonus row on Facebook | The Industry Standard
By IDG News Service
Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has used social networking site Facebook to launch a public campaign against banks handing out bonuses.RBS, which has received £20 billion in taxpayer ... ... On the 8 February, Prescott adapted this group to rally against the bonus proposal, and is calling on people to send in their campaign ideas and case studies and sign an online petition to stop RBS and other banks that have been bailed out by the Government ...
Industry Standard News and Predictions - http://www.thestandard.com/all/feed

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