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2009. 7. 1. 00:26 Social Network Services

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ReadWriteWeb Events Guide, 9 May 2009 - ReadWriteWeb
By Andrew Lobo
Joint exhibition combining social networking and enterprise social media formats; Pre-show online meeting planner for delegates; Discount for early booking (expires September 25th); Free pass for exhibition only ...
Read/WriteWeb News - http://www.readwriteweb.com/
Second Life Is Social Media
By Aliza Sherman
Sure you can have web-based online events — via something like GoToMeeting or Calliflower or BlogTalk Radio — and use text or audio or images or a combination. But regular social networks can produce nothing like the events taking place ...
Comments for WebWorkerDaily - http://webworkerdaily.com/
Biz Dev, Sales and Marketing- B2B Job, Startup Guru - SpringStage ...
What you know how to do: Business development. Online marketing. Promotion PR Brand building via social networking. Effective written and verbal communication skills. Builder of quality networks. Grow businesses. Build businesses ...
SpringStage Network Startup Job... - http://jobs.springstage.com/a/jobs/find-jobs
Going virtual
By syndicators
Top online social-networking service Facebook has begun rolling out a... Muxlim.com to launch virtual world site for Muslims Finnish-based Muxlim.com to launch a prototype of a Muslim-friendly virtual. ...
webCLEVR - http://www.webclevr.co.za/
Mother's Day: 5 Social Media Tools for New Moms
By Ben Parr
CafeMom is one of the premiere social networks for mothers. It's a friendly place to share experiences, war stories, and help mothers-to-be calm their nerves. It has a section for blogging about anything, answering questions, and posting pictures of the ... If you know a newly christened mother, then might be interested in About My Baby, a great way to share online media featuring your newborns. It's highly customizable and is an easy way to track stats like height, age, ...
Mashable! - http://mashable.com/
Man tells police he coached 5 people to kill themselves « Cervantes
By abluteau
A British woman who has been tracking the Internet footsteps of a Minnesota man for allegedly encouraging or advising young people to commit suicide through online chats and social-networking sites believes he may have played a role in ...
Cervantes - http://abluteau.wordpress.com/
New Business Network WAPR Launches | Small Business Trends
By Anita Campbell
“Like many professionals, I signed up for some of the more popular online networks for professionals,” recalled WAPR CEO Kiran Teegala. “I put in my name, my company, added a few colleagues that I knew… then I asked myself ‘OK, now what?'… ... But they can also do this other places as well, a feature that Teegala is very excited about “Companies can paste a piece of code onto their websites, blogs, or even other social networks, and monitor them from WAPR. ...
Small Business Trends » Press Release - http://smallbiztrends.com/
BuddyPress on YORGOO Media | Media Marketing
By Bianca Gubalke
Christmas Online all year long! YORGOO Blasters work… and once the recent non-stop updates of software that cause a whole avalanche of related updates come to a standstill and the feed and syndication issues some of us ... But to come back to the WordPress MU based Social Network Plaform “BuddyPress” and comparing its behavior with that of a Semiomantics tuned YORGOO Blaster Script - if that's at all possible after just a short week and only a beta version as testing ...
Bianca Gubalke - http://biancagubalke.com/
Less Than Professional Behavior : Bizzia - Business News and ...
By Darlene McDaniel
themselves online.” Less than professional behavior using social networking sites will get in your way when looking for employment. For college students preparing for graduation and anticipating a job search, networking will be very ...
Bizzia - http://www.bizzia.com/
Cloud Life Chronicles Part 1: Hijacked and Killed On Facebook ...
By Shelly Palmer
Answer 2: When everything is NOT working as designed, we get an up-close, personal view of the pain and anguish a truly online, cloud-based world could eventually offer us. As bright as the upside is, the dark side is .... The bigger problem for Zuckerberg and company is the fact that my wife won't ever trust a cloud-based, social network again. She won't bother to invest the time and energy to establish another virtual presence because she feels completely victimized. ...
MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer - The Blog - http://www.shellypalmermedia.com/
Scoop Out Profits with Internet Marketing Even with Smaller Budget ...
Whereas internet gives you the opportunity to advertise your product/service via blogs, articles, social networking, PPC advertising and so on. When compared with offline marketing, online marketing is much more cheaper and can be done ...
SPINX Web Design Blog - http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/SPINX.Web.Design.818-334-3500
ASACP: Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection
Topics covered will include traffic, SEO, affiliate marketing, social networks, design, content, webmaster tools and technology, hosting and legal issues. In addition to Henning's participation in the seminar, panelists include attorney ... “In today's challenging marketplace, adult company operators face many challenges in navigating their online business successfully. The Adult Webmaster Boot Camp will feature industry experts who can speak to the most crucial areas ...
ASACP News - http://www.asacp.org/new/asacp.org/update/testrss.php
Signs of the Times News for Sat, 09 May 2009
By Signs of the Times
Part of the power of social networking is the ability to form communities with like-minded individuals. But what happens when those communities are offensive to others? That issue is at the heart of attempts by a Dallas, Texas, attorney to have social-networking site Facebook remove pages ... He said he contacted Facebook after a conversation with a friend who runs the Jewish Internet Defense Force, a group that monitors and tries to eradicate anti-Semitic online content. ...
Signs of the Times - http://www.sott.net/
Sustainability Virtual Summits » Virtual Event Adoption By The C ...
By admin
Efficiently connect with partners and customers – an online experience can't re-create the dyamics of an in-person interaction, but it does allow a busy executive to connect with many more partners and customers than could have occurred ... Extend your social graph and social presence – some C-Suite execs have enthusiastically adopted Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Industry-specific virtual events allow the executive to further expand the social graph. ...
Sustainability Virtual Summits - http://sustainabilityvirtualsummits.com/news/

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